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    Carey Moving & Storage: Moving Costs

    Carey Moving & Storage answers some FAQs about moving day costs!

    Q: How much will it cost to move?

    A: Many moving companies offer a free in-home estimate to determine the cost of your move. They will evaluate your belongings and approximate weight of the items being moved. Then there is the distance: your actual cost will be based off of the weight and distance traveled, plus any insurance or other fees associated. Typically, local move costs are determined by the time (hours) and resources (men) it will take to complete your move, but on a long- distance move, the costs will be based on weight and distance.  And of course, any extra services like packing, storage, insurance will usually have extra costs.

    But regardless where you are moving, it is wise to get an in-home estimate prior to selecting a mover… It is the best way to get an accurate move quote and ensure that the mover fully understands your moving needs, and that you are comfortable with the mover’s approach.

    Getting an in-home estimate can prevent surprise costs or delays on moving day. Carey Moving offers free no obligation in-home move estimates (visit  to learn more)

    Happy Moving!