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    Carey Moving & Storage Move Timing

    Q: How long will my move take?

    A: Timing is everything when it comes to preparing for your move. How prepared you are before moving day can greatly affect how quickly your home can be moved from point A to point B. Generally, 2-3 movers can load up a 2,000 square foot home in a full day’s work. 4-5 movers should be able to complete this in around 8 hours. Of course this depends on the unique move situation: how many belongings you have, how well things are packed, and the fragility of your belongings. Special care will need to be taken if you are an antique collector or have many prized family heirlooms. How you prep them before hand can also affect the time required to load or unload a truck.

    Some Tips for Prepping Your Home for Truck Loading

    Pack carefully! Pots & pans and other kitchenware items can generally be boxed together, whereas more fragile items such as lampshades should be boxed alone. Liquids need to be packed right-side up and labeled so that the movers don’t spill them while transporting. House plants may or may not be moved by a moving company depending on the distance of your move, so make sure to make other arrangements for them just in case. And if you are planning on taking home appliances with you, make sure they are unplugged and properly cleaned before moving day.

    There are many small things that you can do at home to prepare for a quick and efficient moving day. Check out our other packing tips to learn more. Happy moving from Carey Moving & Storage!