Carey Moving & Storage Discounts & Payment Tips

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    Carey Moving & Storage Discounts & Payment Tips

    Moving is considered to be one the life’s most stressful events. And beyond the planning, time, and execution, it can be draining on your wallet!

    How do you prepare yourself financially for a big move? We have collected some questions and answers to help you plan ahead.

     Q: Do movers offer discounts?

     A: Yes, if you are moving to a new state!

    On long distance moves, many interstate moving companies offer special promotions to certain groups, including corporate employees, seniors, association members, veterans and military personal. Make sure to check with your Carey representative if you qualify for a discount.

    Note: local moves are often governed by local authorities, and discounts may not be available.

    Q: Can I pay cash for my move?

     A: Experts say that it is safer to pay by credit or debit card. That way, if anything happens during the move process or something gets lost, you have a paper trail or proof for what you already paid for. At Carey, we accept all major credit cards, but unfortunately are unable to accept personal checks at this time.

    Q: Will I be charged for packing supplies?

     A: It depends on whether or not our moving staff will be packing for you. If you get most of your belongings packed and ready to be moved ahead of time, our team will not need to use many materials. In the event that our team needs to use materials such as tape, boxes, and cling wrap to prepare your household goods for the move, you may be charged for those materials.

    No matter the scope of your move, advanced planning will help avoid unexpected move day costs. Check out our FAQ page for more information on how you can prepare yourself for the financial costs of moving. Happy Moving from Carey Moving & Storage!