Carey Moving & Storage Delivers Girl Scout Cookies Across Southeast

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    Carey Moving & Storage Delivers Girl Scout Cookies Across Southeast

    Carey Moving & Storage is busy delivering cookies for the Girl Scouts to troops all over the Southeastern United States. This is something that we get very excited to do, because, well…who doesn’t love girl scout cookies? This year, along with all of the classic favorites, the Girl Scouts have introduced a new cookie: the Toast-Yay!

    Which is your favorite? Check out the cookie descriptions below.

    Toast-Yay: The newest Girl Scout cookie! This toast-shaped cookie is full of classic French flavor.

    Thin Mints: Round, mint-flavored cookies with a delicious chocolate coating.

    Lemon-Ups: Tasty lemon cookies with motivational phrases baked into them.

    Lemonades: Shortbread cookies with tangy lemon icing.

    Shortbread: A Girl Scout take on a classic.

    Caramel deLites: Coconut & caramel covered cookies that are sure to leave you wanting more.

    Peanut Butter Patties: A layer of peanut butter fill these cookies, covered in a chocolate coating.

    Do-si-dos: A crunchy oatmeal cookie with a peanut butter filling.

    Toffee-Tastic: Rich, buttery cookies with delicious toffee pieces.

    Caramel Chocolate Chip: A new take on an old classic.

    Girl Scout S’mores: Graham cookies filled with chocolate and marshmallow.

    So which is your favorite? Here at Carey Moving & Storage – we love them all!