Carey Moving & Storage Cares for You AND Your Move

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    Carey Moving & Storage Cares for You AND Your Move

    Carey Moving & Storage staff recently underwent CPR training to equip themselves better to aid in any potentially dangerous circumstances both at our headquarters and when assisting our clients with their moves.

    We all know that moving can be a pretty strenuous and stressful process, and can unfortunately even result in accidents when walking up and down stairs or just around your property while coordinating your movers. In light of this, employees and moving crews have undergone this training to always be ready in an emergency. It’s just another step our amazing teams take to keep you and your family safe while working with us.

    What is CPR Training?

    When hearing about our crews undergoing CPR training, your first thought might be to wonder why we would take these measures since we’re the ones moving your items into and out of your old and new homes. However, CPR training is incredibly important to have an asset in everyday life, never mind in stressful or strenuous moving settings.

    CPR’s biggest aid is through helping people experiencing cardiac arrest, where being able to help them before an ambulance has a chance to get there can potentially save their lives. The CDC states that currently, “…9 in 10 people who have a cardiac arrest outside the hospital die…if [CPR] is performed in the first few minutes of cardiac arrest, CPR can double or triple a person’s chance of survival”.

    Though it’s rare for any circumstances involving cardiac arrest or the need for someone to be resuscitated to happen during the course of the average moving day, having the training and resources to keep our customers, their families, and our team safe no matter what is our top priority.

    Why Undergo CPR Training?

    As we stated before, having the ability to perform CPR with a trained approach in the first few minutes of someone going into cardiac arrest or being otherwise unresponsive in an emergency situation can make the difference between life and death.

    As our staff found out, CPR training is imperative for those working with the public and for those working in potentially strenuous occupations. Learning even just the basics of CPR training will give you the confidence of being able to be prepared for any situation. Additionally, if our customers know that they’re working with trained moving crews well-versed in CPR, it brings them that much more confidence in their commitment to their and their households’ safety.

    Carey’s Commitment to Our Customers

    Having our staff and moving crews trained in CPR is just a small part of Carey’s continued commitment to our customer’s and their families’ well-being and safety. Your safety comes before anything else, and we want you to know that we want to keep you and your move safe throughout the entire moving process. CPR training gives you even more peace of mind than normal when it comes to working with us.

    Whether it’s CPR training or even more extensive customer service training, Carey never stops trying to be better for our clients and in trying to be supportive in any way we can during a moving process. A commitment like this makes us the best moving company in South Carolina, after all! Want to learn more about us? Discover our values and history of working in partnership with our clients here.