Carey Moving Gives Back Through Move for Hunger

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    Carey Moving Gives Back Through Move for Hunger

    Carey Moving & Storage is proud to be a supporter and partner of Move for Hunger. Recently, Move for Hunger has proudly announced that they have provided over 20 million meals to those in need, and only continues to work to further their mission. 

    At Carey, we know how important it is to not only give back to our community, but to work to improve the lives of those in need, through whatever venue possible. One of the most important causes today is the worldwide hunger crisis, which is also a particular problem here in the United States. Through working with organizations like Move for Hunger, we hope to contribute to feeding those in need and eradicating the hunger crisis. 

    Move for Hunger

    What is Move for Hunger, and what do they do? Move for Hunger is an organization which teams up with various members of the relocation industry to fight hunger and reduce food waste. 

    Everyday, over 42 million Americans face hunger – including 1 in 6 children. To make matters worse, 35% of food produced in the United States every year goes to waste. To close this gap and correct this problem, Move for Hunger seeks to offer a variety of sustainable solutions and feed those in need. 

    Move for Hunger works with a variety of relocation companies to provide customers with the opportunity to donate their food when they move, instead of throwing out nonperishable products they can’t fit, or items that cannot be brought with them. Additionally, Move for Hunger assists with community food drives, marketing campaigns, and employee giving programs to further their mission. Since their inception in 2004, the organization has delivered over 24 million pounds of food to food banks across both the United States and Canada. 

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    What Can I Do to Help?

    To support Move for Hunger, you have the opportunity to support monetarily here, or through donating the food in your own home as you embark upon your move with Carey Moving & Storage. 

    When packing your items, or working with professionals to do so, set aside your nonperishable, unopened foods. Carey Moving & Storage, in partnership with Move for Hunger, will then deliver your items to a local food bank or pantry, or to your local community members in need. 

    By doing something as simple as setting aside unopened cans of vegetables, beans, or whatever you might have in your pantry, you’re providing those in your community who are in need with meals and nutrition that allows them to go about their day without worrying about how to feed their children or themselves. It’s a great way to give back, that’s also incredibly easy!

    Carey’s Commitment

    Carey Moving & Storage remains committed to giving back to our community, and working consciously to improve the lives of those around us in need. Through the actions of both our customers and our company, we are proud to be a part of Move for Hunger’s mission and their goal of eradicating hunger completely. To donate or learn more, click here.