Can I Move Internationally During the Pandemic?

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    Can I Move Internationally During the Pandemic?

    The answer is: maybe. Embarking on an international relocation may or may not be possible depending on your unique plans and circumstances. The first question you need to ask is whether or not your destination country is allowing people to cross their borders. If they are then an international move may be possible at this time, but it will require a lot of careful planning and execution. If you are going to move internationally during the pandemic you will need to consider many different things such as passport criteria, quarantine rules, moving regulations, and so forth. Here is a list of news articles and sources to help you determine whether you can move to another country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Health Considerations for International Travel During the Pandemic

    International Moving During COVID-19

    The Coronavirus has had a lot of people questioning whether or not they should, across seas or elsewhere. This year’s trends show that changing work and school conditions have persuaded many to leave urban centers for more suburban or rural areas. Check out these articles exploring moving trends during the pandemic.

    Post-COVID Moving

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