How to Prepare your Appliances for Moving

We hope you are enjoying the summer! Things are heating up in the moving season. Our customers are packing, prepping, planning and moving. One question we often get is, “What do I need to do with my appliances before they are transported to my new home?”.  Very good question!

Find your answers here- How Do I Get Appliances Ready to Move?

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Should You Move with Your Pantry Food?

Time to move. You have been preparing for weeks and weeks. You are down to the last week packing. You open the pantry and kitchen cabinets and see how well-stocked they are with canned goods and dry goods. What is the best way to deal with these items that are easily replaceable and may add to the cost of your move?

Check out this article that takes on this topic and provides useful advice-Should I Move Food or Donate it?

We hope that after reading it, you have the information you need to make your decision.

Good luck! And remember, Carey is here for all your moving and storage needs.

Delivery Day and You Can’t be There?

So many things need to line up when planning a move. One always hopes that it all lines up perfectly and allows for a seamless schedule and plan. But sometimes this is impossible. For instance, what if you can’t be at your new home at the time of delivery of possessions?

Check out this article to help you solve this problem-What if I Can’t be there to Accept Delivery?

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Encouraging Your Kids to Purge Toys Before a Move

So many big changes on the horizon for families moving with kids. But the reality is, you are moving and have lots of stuff. Much of that stuff is outdated or no longer being used and certainly you don’t need to pay to bring them along. But when some of these items belong to your children, how do you help them to leave some things behind?

Here is a great article with tips and ideas for helping your kids purge their toys before you move-

How to Get Kids to Get Rid of Old Toys Before Your Move, by Jackie Heath

Good luck!


Packing for a Move with Kids

Getting ready to move with a family?

Whether your kids are very young or in high school, this article provides great tips and ideas for how to get the enormous task of packing up a family completed with ease. Good luck!

Effective Strategies for Packing for and with Kids
by Jackie Heath on Apr 10, 2018

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North Carolina & South Carolina Movers on the Go!

Recently Allied Van Lines released the 50th Annual Magnet States report. The report shows where people were moving to and from during 2017.

As an Allied Van Lines agent in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, we were excited to see that the number of movers moving to North Carolina was 1200 putting NC in the 3rd spot.  Also, South Carolina moved to the 4th spot, up from 13th in 2016.

That’s a lot of moving going on in our territory! When you need moving and storage experts to help you with your North Carolina, South Carolina or Tennessee move, Call the Allied Agent you can trust-Carey Moving and Storage

To read the full report click here- Allied 2018 Magnet States Report Press Release

Moving Out of Your Parents’ Home

So you did it! You got the job you were waiting for. You saved up your money and now it is time to fly the coup. Moving out of your parents’ house can make you feel a bit nervous. You counted on them for years to handle the running of the home and paying for the home. Now it will be up to you. That can be exciting and fun too, to finally set up home independently and enjoy blossoming in your own style and taste.

Here is an article we found on to Move Out of Your Parents’ House in 13 Easy Steps.

We hope you find it helpful in planning your move out. We wish you all the best! If you need any moving or storage help, you can count on Carey for your solutions.