Benefits of Moving in the Winter

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    Benefits of Moving in the Winter

    Moving in the wintertime may not seem like an intuitive decision to make: harsh weather, cold temperatures, and hibernation mentality can seem like hurdles during the move process. But moving in the winter can actually be a good decision. Here are three reasons why:

    1. Moving Rates are More Reasonable in the Winter

    The moving business slows down drastically in the winter. This means that professional moving companies are more likely to lower their costs. Because the moving industry operates in a manner of supply and demand, moving rates tend to be higher during the busy move months.

    1. You Will Have More Flexibility in Scheduling

    In the same vain, moving companies tend to do less business in the wintertime. If you wish to move on a Friday, which is the most popular day of the week to move, chances are you won’t have any issue scheduling your move. In comparison, during the warm weather season, you would want to plan ahead far in advanced to book the day of your choice. If you are planning your move last minute, winter is a great time to do it.

    1. Winter is a Great Time to Settle Into a New Home

    Nasty weather outdoors can deter you from going outside and exploring your new community. Unpacking, decorating, and getting organized inside the house are perfect wintertime activities. Take the time to make your new house a perfect home.

    Take advantage of the off-season and get the best move rates available to you. If you have a move coming up in the next two months, call Carey Moving & Storage. We would be happy to assist you.

    Happy Moving!