At-Home Projects to Prepare Your House for Market

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    At-Home Projects to Prepare Your House for Market

    Selling your home can be a big undertaking. You need to hire a realtor, keep the house clean, and be prepared for showings sometimes at a moment’s notice. When you’re showing your home, the little details can go a long way. You want to impress potential buyers by allowing them to clearly see the space without noticing any eye sores or blemishes that the house may have. We have collected some easy at-home projects that you can take on to prepare for putting your house on the market.

    1. Fresh coat of paint – newly painted walls are sure to impress potential home buyers. Realtors suggest choosing a neutral color such as white or gray so that the personality of the house can shine through and not be tainted by stylistic choices. If you are a DIY painter, paint precisely. Or hire a local painting company to help.
    2. Replace outdated appliances – the overall home value will increase if you have new home appliances. If your budget is tight, choose one room of the house to update. New kitchen appliances or an updated master bathroom is sure to impress.
    3. Organize and declutter – stage your home as if it is perfect. Don’t leave personal items or sentimental knick-knacks around. You can keep your belongings packed in the attic or put them in temporary storage. Leave furniture and some house plants and decorations but clear the space enough that a buyer could easily imagine their own belongings in it.
    4. Touch up outdoor areas – if you have a yard make sure that it is freshly cut before showings or open houses. Plant some flowers out front and keep up with the weeds. If you have a deck give it some new paint or finish and if you have a pool, make sure to skim it and keep it clean.

    These easy, at-home projects are sure to help the process of selling your home go smoothly and quickly. We wish you luck with your endeavor and are here for you should you need any moving and storage services.