Allied Van Lines Releases Annual Migration Report

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    Allied Van Lines Releases Annual Migration Report

    Allied Van Lines released its annual Magnet States Report on the State of Migration last week. The report highlights relocation data and shows migration and moving trends throughout the United States. Here is a summary of this year’s findings.

    • The top five move destination states were: Florida, Texas, California, Arizona, and North Carolina.
    • Florida was the top destination for the sixth year in a row, thanks to its warm weather, affordable housing options, no state income tax, and overall lower cost of living than most states.
    • The top destination city was Austin, TX. Austin is also the country’s fastest growing city.
    • The top destination city for corporate relocations was Houston, TX. Houston is the nation’s most diverse city.
    • The most popular month of 2019 to move was June.
    • The most popular day of the week to move in 2019 was Friday.

    So what does this all mean? If you’re thinking about moving to a new place, you may wish to consider places like Florida or Austin, TX, where a great influx of new people could make for an interesting community. If you are planning a move this year, avoid inflated moving fees by not moving during the month of June or on a Friday. Lastly, whatever kind of local or long distance move may be on your horizon, Carey Moving & Storage can help you get there.

    You can check out the entire Magnet States Report on the Allied Van Lines website here.