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    Allied Magnet State Report

    Allied Van Lines, whom Carey Moving & Storage is proud to be a top-rated agent of, has realized its 2022 US Migration Report. This report tracks relocation and immigration patterns throughout the United States over the past 12 months, including which states have seen the most growth, and which have seen the most residents exiting their areas. The following are some of the largest relocation trends in the United States in 2022.

    US Moving Trends in 2022

    Over the course of 2022, Allied’s data has indicated that fewer people moved on average in 2022 than in 2021.

    With moving rates lowering up to 20% over the course of the year, there are many reasons why people might feel less inclined to move in comparison to that of the year before. A big reason for this can be linked to the spike in housing and rental prices over the last year, as well as the heightening of interest rates. Coupled with higher levels of inflation and falling average wages or less salary growth to match the rising costs of living, fewer people moved to new areas as a result.

    In comparison to that of 2021 and 2020, there is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic’s moving trends have slowed down, as fewer people find themselves working from home as in the past couple of years. Though a good amount of people permanently work from home, many offices have required new and existing employees to come back into the office which tethers people to certain areas.

    People in 2022 who still work remotely have also either moved during the previous years or found themselves financially unable to move due to inflation and rising housing prices. These variables reflect the current housing trends for this past year.

    What States Did People Move to in 2022?

    Over the past 12 months, certain states have seen large influxes of new residents, whereas many have seen people leave. As far as those most popular amongst transplants, the states that saw the most growth in population in 2022 were Arizona, followed by South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

    There are many reasons why people might have gravitated towards these states, including lower taxes, more affordable housing prices, and mild weather.

    What Cities Did People Move to in 2022?

    You might think that the top cities moved throughout the country might reflect those of the most popular states, and you would be right – to an extent. The most popular individual cities to move to in 2022 was Tucson, AZ, followed by Sarasota, FL, Charlotte, NC, Austin, TX, and Nashville, TN.

    A common thread amongst each of these cities is their affordable housing, good weather, low taxes, and friendly atmosphere.

    What States Did People Move Out of in 2022?

    Just as many people moved into different states and cities in the United States in 2022, many people left their current areas as well for a variety of reasons. The following are some of the states that saw the highest average rates of those moving out of them rather than coming in.

    The top outbound moving states were Illinois at number one, followed by California, New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

    What Cities Did People Move Out of in 2022?

    The top cities that saw the largest numbers of people moving out of them in the United States in 2022 included New York, NY, which came in at the number one spot, followed by Anaheim, CA, San Diego, CA, Chicago, IL, and Riverside, CA.

    Seeing as many of these areas have higher than average housing prices and costs of living, it’s expected that they would see higher rates of people moving out of them as the average rate of rent and living rises. More and more Americans either choose or are forced to relocate out of expensive cities and areas to places that are more affordable for their budgets and that offer a higher quality of living.

    The top reasons for moving this year remained work and family, which were much the same as those of the years past.

    Why Did People Move in 2022?

    As with any large decision like moving, there is a lot to consider for those choosing to make their moves both in the future, and those who have moved over the past year. As we mentioned before, the states that saw the largest increases in population from new residents commonly share lower-than-average or more affordable housing prices and rental rates. Moving to these areas might allow families and individuals alike to have a higher quality of life due to their affordability and increased financial security.

    Conversely, the extremely high costs of living in areas like New York City and in states like California make it extremely hard for those who have not seen salary growth to afford homes or the cost of living in these places.

    The increase of new residents in Arizona may slow down in 2023 in comparison to the area’s housing boom of the last couple of years due to the heightened prices caused by the demand for living there. Both housing and the daily cost of living in the state, especially in cities like Phoenix and Tucson have risen to rival areas in California. These rising rates might turn off prospective residents, despite the average salary in the state still rising by nearly 6% in 2022.

    Housing trends point to the suburbs becoming more popular residential destinations than ever across the country, as the lower cost of living, more spacious areas and homes, and less pressured lifestyle is more appealing to those who have previously gravitated toward cities.

    With these trends over the last year, 2023 projections indicate similarly slowed moving patterns as 2022 as rents and the cost of living continue to rise. Trends indicate that some popular states may decrease in popularity for new residents, but this remains to be seen. Looking to make your own movie this year? See what Carey Moving & Storage can do for you and your family or business today!