A Small Gift to Help With Your Move

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    A Small Gift to Help With Your Move

    If you’re moving to a new home, things can get really stressful really fast. Luckily, like most ailments that plague us in this digital age – there’s an app for that! Carey Moving and Storage is happy to announce our partnership with moveCHECK. moveCHECK is the app that makes moving less miserable. moveCHECK’s core pillars are organization, simplification and saving; three huge things to focus on during any move long distance, local or international. The app is designed to help save time and reduce stress by totally organizing your move. It connects you to various moving service providers and allows you to create a customized checklist based on your move. moveCHECK also connects you to local providers to keep you in control of your move.

    Free Moving Box Kit!

    If all that doesn’t sound amazing enough, when you download the moveCHECK app we’ll provide you with a FREE Moving Box Kit. The Moving Box Kit includes five medium-sized boxes, packing tape, markers and labels. Look how smooth your moving process is already! To get your free Move Box Kit, simply download the moveCHECK app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.