Why Move to Anderson, SC? 

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    Why Move to Anderson, SC? 

    Browsing through possible towns and cities to move to in South Carolina, you might come across the beautiful little city of Anderson and wonder “Why move to Anderson, SC?”. There are tons of reasons why people move to Anderson, and there’s no mistaking why this charming destination is rich in diversity, close to major cities without being a part of the constant bustle of the metropolitan area, and has access to some of the state’s most beautiful lakes, national parks, and mountain ranges. 

    If you’re thinking about relocating to Anderson, SC, you might wonder what makes this area great enough to settle down in. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to combine the best things about living in Anderson and why people love it here. 

    Best Things to Do in Anderson, SC

    Before we get into why people love to live in Anderson, SC, let’s talk about the great things this city of 26,000 has to offer those visiting and those scoping out a potential new home base alike. 

    Since you’ll want to find things to do after work and school are over anyway, it’s good to know what the best attractions and activities in Anderson, SC are. 

    As we mentioned before, if you’re into outdoor activities, Anderson is located only an hour away from the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are some of the most beautiful mountains in the country. It’s also just a car ride away from Lake Hartwell. 

    The city is also full of historical sites, great distilleries, and fantastic bars and restaurants. There are also tons of great local businesses with trivia nights, karaoke, and live music. 

    Best Reasons to Live in Anderson

    Beyond the plenty of things to do for the whole family, this town is also known for its friendliness and hospitality. There are plenty of job opportunities in higher education, manufacturing, and healthcare. Home to Anderson University, Anderson Medical Center, as well as manufacturing hubs like Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, there are plenty of options for career opportunities. 

    On top of its plentiful job opportunities and friendly nature, Anderson also has amazing weather. With over 200 sunny days a year and little threat of hurricanes due to its inland location, plus temperate weather year round, the community enjoys a great climate. 

    Best Places to Live in Anderson, SC

    Because the cost of living in Anderson is lower than both nearby Greenville and lower than the average cost of living in the country, many people are able to afford much nicer homes here than in other areas. Both buying homes and renting apartments are pretty inexpensive, and utilities are also pretty lower. The icing on the cake? Transportation and gas prices are also rather low. 

    Due to this low cost of living, there are tons of flourishing neighborhoods with new residents coming in all the time. The most popular and the safest neighborhoods in the area are Campbell, Starr, and Hammond, which are on the southern side of the area. On the northern side of the city you’ll find plenty of fantastic neighborhoods with convenient access to I-85 and great schools. 

    How to Move to Anderson

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