Top Moving Destinations in 2022

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    Top Moving Destinations in 2022

    There’s no doubt about it – 2022 is going to be another year of big changes and big moves. With all this change in the air, you might be wondering how you should research or take into account these factors when thinking about a move of your own – especially where you might be interested in moving yourself. We’ll take a look at the top moving destinations to consider. 

    When checking out the predictions this year brings in terms of where people are headed in 2022, it looks like many people are looking for warmer or more predictable weather, nice beaches, and a wide choice of housing inventory. Now, why might this be? Let’s take a closer look at the housing destinations many might have this year, and what that might mean for you and your moving plans. 

    Where are People Moving in 2022?

    As we said, change is in the air – and that’s largely been the trend in moving habits since the COVID-19 pandemic arose in early 2020. As more and more people have been able to permanently work from home and remotely due to COVID, it’s enabled a lot of people to no longer live somewhere purely because it’s close to the office. After all, the office doesn’t exist anymore!

    As people explore places that are no longer tied to their commute, people are headed toward more states known for their nice weather and warm climate, those with fewer population densities than those of large cities, places will beautiful beaches or proximity to them, as well as a lot of choice in homes to both buy AND rent. 

    Because of the many changes to the modern-day office, people are headed to states that work for them, instead of for their jobs!

    So which states are the top moving destinations for people in 2022? Forecasters predict that the states that will see the most incoming moves this year are:

    • Florida
    • Texas
    • California
    • North Carolina
    • Arizona

    Why these states? Let’s explore why people are flocking to Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Arizona, and California this year. Who knows, you might end up wanting to as well!

    Top Moving Destinations

    According to forecasters from both Allied and Zillow, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Texas, and California will be seeing the biggest increase in new residents in the coming year. Why are people headed to these states, in particular, you might ask?

    The short answer is these areas have great weather,  a plethora of work and employment opportunities, and a large housing inventory to choose from for prospective buyers and renters. These states also feature low costs of living, and that coupled with a ton of job opportunities and great weather gives them a huge draw.

    The Best Movers for Your 2022 Move

    When it comes to moving in 2022, make sure you have movers on your side who will make your entire process smooth, straightforward, and stress-free. For all of your moving needs this year (no matter where you’re headed!), look no further than Carey Moving for everything you need to set yourself up for a successful move this year.