PODS vs. Full-Service Movers

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    PODS vs. Full-Service Movers

    Using local and long-distance moves all come with their own variables, obstacles, and sets of challenges that make them unique. Pulling off a successful move involves tackling these challenges and preparing for any obstacles you might come by in order to have the most successful move possible.

    When it comes to actually transport your items from point A to point B, having an experienced, professional company by your side to assist you in every aspect of the process, from packing to loading your truck and the actual traveling involved, is integral to having a smooth and straightforward process. Tackling the moving process involves doing your complete research into moving services, from full-service movers to storage containers, to DIY movers. It can be easy to be conflicted between these service methods or not be sure of what sort of moving company is right for you.

    Before you get too involved in your search, however, you should assess your move, its needs, and what you’ll need from whatever service you go with to make your move as successful as possible.

    The best way to do this is by accurately determining what kind of costs you’re ready to take on, what your overall budget is, how much labor you want to take on, the distance your move entails, and whether you want a full-service experience or want to moreso handle your move on your own. Assessing these needs will make it easier to choose between container companies like PODS or a professional moving company like Carey Moving & Storage.

    Costs of Storage Containers for Moving vs. Professional Moving Companies

    At the end of the day, one of the biggest factors for those gearing up for a move is the cost involved in the entire process. Though at first, it might seem like full-service movers come at a higher cost than storage containers like PODS, the costs of moving services are often very comparable to that of moving containers.

    When comparing the costs of professional movers versus storage containers, you should take into account not only your total costs at the end of the day, but the amount of effort you have to put into your move yourself, and the labor and stress you have to expend on your process by yourself. Professional movers not only have similar end-of-the-day costs as moving containers once hidden fees and costs of extra services are factored in, but also take all of the stress and effort out of moving. With professionals, you’re also not just paying for the cost of a container and the delivery of the transportation of this container, but all of the labor involved in loading your items onto and off of the truck, and any packing services you might use. Using movers also absolves you of the responsibility of loading everything yourself and trying to transport awkward or especially heavy items.

    When using storage containers, conversely, you not only have to put forth all of the efforts of moving on top of having to pay for your container, but you also have to pay for the extra specialty services you might need. PODS and other storage containers also require you to pay for things like fuel, the cost of the container itself, and the mileage of your journey. These services add up quickly, and can end up costing even more than professional movers – while you have to do all of the work!

    When taking these factors into account, you should always think of whether the amount of effort involved equates to the total costs, whether it’s all worth it, or if you should just let the professionals handle it all for you.

    Why Use Professional Movers?

    When looking at professional movers vs. storage containers, you should also think about a variety of other factors that are very important to the moving process, and that definitely make a big difference in the success of your process. When researching professional movers vs. storage containers, you should also consider:

    • The risk of injury during moving or the accidents you could have during the process, plus the responsibility and risk you assume during
    • The safety risks for you and your storage container during loading and unloading
    • Insurance coverage for the items in your storage container
    • Having to load and unload your storage container yourself and having to pack all of your items safely and responsibly to save your items from being damaged
    • Having to pack your items yourself

    When using professional movers, you don’t have to worry about any of these factors, and instead get your entire process taken care of for you from start to finish.

    From specialty services to packing, to moving, to all of the transportation involved, you have a full-service moving company on your side to take care of all of it for you – plus you don’t have to worry about hidden fees when working with a company like Carey Moving & Storage.

    Using a full-service company and our services is a win-win, and our low-cost moving packages will let you sit back and focus on your new place, instead of on the process of getting all of your items there. See what Carey Moving & Storage can do for your local or long-distance move today!