Investing in Spartanburg County

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    Investing in Spartanburg County

    The Spartanburg City Council recently approved property tax breaks for two huge new economic projects in the Spartanburg area, which total $104.1 million in community investment, as covered by GoUpstate’s Bob Montgomery. 

    Investing in Spartanburg

    The city council approved property tax breaks for these projects, the largest of which is code-named “Green Spa”, which has an investment of $85 million, and code-named Project EGP, which has an estimated investment of $19.1 million into the Spartanburg community. These projects are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the continued community development and growth occurring in Spartanburg, which Carey Moving & Storage is proud to be a part of. 

    In just this year alone, Spartanburg County has had $1.4 billion worth of new projects announced, which will produce over 3,400 new jobs in the area, as announced by economic development committee Chairman and County Councilman David Britt.

    Community Growth

    This huge development in Spartanburg, which also includes 4 other new projects totaling an estimated community investment of $175.2 million and bringing 98 jobs to the area. Especially following the worldwide economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, is a huge step forward in the growth of the county.

    For his role in bringing such a huge amount of development and investment to the area, Councilman Britt was presented with the Order of the Palmetto, which is South Carolina’s highest civilian award, by Governor Henry McMaster. In addition to the latest investments Britt has brought into the area, he was also recognized for his past accomplishments and for the difference he has made in Spartanburg. For the past 30 years, Britt has served the Spartanburg community and has brought billions of dollars in investment to both the county and South Carolina as a whole.

    A Proud Part of Spartanburg

    As a member of the Spartanburg community, Carey moving & Storage is thrilled to see our county continue to grow and develop. As the area continues to grow and see new development from investors in the area and beyond, it’s exciting to see our area continue to flourish and thrive as more and more people recognize our potential and hard work. With investments like these, our community can expect an influx of new jobs, increased value for our homes, and the development of new housing options to accommodate new and existing residents! For all of our current and new community members and clientele, we would just like to reiterate how proud we are to have served Spartanburg for over 110 years and counting. 

    The Spartanburg Effect

    With the increased creation of jobs and opportunities in Spartanburg, odds are that the area will see increased development of additional business and housing opportunities to accommodate the new jobs in the area. If you’re looking to move into or around the Spartanburg area, Carey Moving & Storage has the expertise and experience to make sure that your Spartanburg move is everything you’d expect from a local business in a flourishing area. 

    As our community is fortified and grows stronger, Carey is proud to continue to offer our Spartanburg clientele the steadfast and personalized customer service and experience they expect from us. Looking for the most quality Spartanburg moving and storage services for the most affordable prices possible? Contact us at 1-800-274-1400 or click here for more information. We are proud to both serve and contribute to our growing community.