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    Are you planning a move to, from, or within Huntersville, SC? Whether you’re relocating locally, embarking on a long-distance journey, or even moving internationally, your journey can be made smoother and more efficient with the right moving and storage services.  

    At Carey Moving & Storage, we understand that moving can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, which is why we are here to serve as your trusted partner in making the transition as seamless as possible. With over 100 years of experience in the moving and storage industry, we have the experience and expertise to give you a top-notch experience from start to finish, no matter what type of move you’re embarking on.  

    Local Moving Services in Huntersville, SC

    When it comes to local moves, Carey Moving & Storage is the ideal local Huntersville movers to have on your side. Having been in the community for over a century, we know just what it takes to navigate the area and anticipate any challenges that might come in the form of weather or general external obstacles. Our team of experienced professionals will ensure that your relocation in Huntersville or the surrounding areas goes off without a hitch.  

    • Expert Packing Services 

    Our seasoned team is prepared to assist you in packing your belongings with both security and efficiency in mind. We employ top-quality packing materials to guarantee the safety of your items during their journey. Whether you’re dealing with delicate glassware, valuable electronics, or particularly awkward or large pieces of furniture, our expertise ensures that we can expertly pack it all. 

    • Effortless Loading and Unloading 

    You can entrust the heavy lifting to us! Our proficient movers come well-equipped to load your items onto our trucks with meticulous care and precision. Upon arrival at your new destination, we’ll undertake the unloading process, arranging everything according to your preferences.  

    • Convenient & Flexible Storage Options 

    Should you require temporary storage during your local move, Carey has just what you’ll need. Our torage facilities are designed to keep your belongings in optimal condition until you’re ready to transport them to your new residence. Whether looking for residential or commercial storage, we’ve got your back.  

     Long-Distance Moving Services 

    Are you planning a move that takes you far beyond the borders of Huntersville, SC? Our long-distance moving services are designed to provide you with a smooth transition, whether you’re moving to a neighboring state or clear across the country. We understand the unique challenges of long-distance moves, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. 

    • Customized Moving Plans 

    Each long-distance move is a unique journey, and we craft individualized moving strategies designed to meet your specific requirements. Whether you’re relocating your family, your business, or both, we collaborate closely with you to ensure all your needs are addressed. 

    • Skilled Packing and Unpacking 

    Our packing experts possess the expertise needed to prepare your belongings for the extended journey ahead. We take additional precautions to safeguard your possessions, preventing any damage during transit. Upon arrival at your new destination, we can also help with unpacking, assembly, and streamlining your settling-in process. 

    • Safe and Reliable Transportation 

    We employ state-of-the-art GPS tracking and communication systems to keep you well-informed about the whereabouts of your belongings throughout the entire journey. Our experienced long-distance moving team is well-versed in the secure handling of various types of items, ensuring their safety and protection. 

    • Storage Options 

    For long-distance moves, we offer secure storage solutions as well. If you require a location to store your possessions before they reach your new home, our climate-controlled storage facilities are at your disposal.  

    International Moving Services

    Carey Moving & Storage’s Huntersville international moving services are unmatched. As your trusted international movers in Huntersville, we ensure that your possessions make a successful transition to your new country. Moving overseas can be a complex process, and our team has the knowledge and experience to handle every aspect of your international relocation.  

    • Customs Support  

    Navigating the complexities of international customs regulations may seem intimidating, but we possess the expertise to simplify this process for you. We will guide you through the essential paperwork, ensuring your items smoothly clear customs without any complications. 

    • Efficient Shipping Coordination 

    We maintain a robust network of international shipping partners, guaranteeing the secure and efficient transportation of your belongings. Whether you prefer air or sea freight, we can accommodate your choices, ensuring your possessions reach their destination with the utmost care. 

    • Comprehensive Destination Services 

    Upon the arrival of your items at your new location, we offer valuable assistance with unloading, unpacking, and organizing your belongings in your new residence. Our primary aim is to make your international transition as stress-free as possible. 

    • Easy Storage Solutions 

    In the event of any delays or timing differences in your international move, we provide secure storage options for your belongings until you are ready to have them delivered to your new home. 

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    At Carey Moving & Storage, we are committed to making your move as stress-free as possible. Whether you’re looking for local, long-distance, or international moving services, along with secure storage options and professional packing services, we have the experience and dedication to meet your needs. 

    Contact us today for a free consultation and a customized quote tailored to your specific requirements. Let us be your trusted partner in your Huntersville, SC moving and storage journey, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve during this significant life transition. Your smooth and efficient move starts with us! 


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