Carey Moving & Storage Received Peak Hauling Runner-Up Award

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    Carey Moving & Storage Received Peak Hauling Runner-Up Award

    Carey Moving & Storage is proud to announce our recent awarding of “Overall Peak Hauling Runner-Up” (Capacity Growth by Weight) at Allied Van Lines’ recent Operations Conference.   

    This honor highlights Carey Moving & Storage’s dedication to providing exceptional moving services both regionally and nationally and underscores our commitment to excellence in service quality and customer satisfaction. As an award-winning Allied Agent, we’re proud to add this recognition to our rich history of accolades, including the Quality Award and Customer for Life Award, which further cements our reputation in the moving and storage industry. This achievement is a testament to Carey Moving & Storage’s enduring commitment to maintaining high standards and continuously improving our service offerings, ensuring a positive and seamless experience for our customers. 

    Exceptional Peak Hauling

    Carey Moving & Storage offers exceptional peak hauling services, distinguished by our commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction. With decades of experience, we provide comprehensive solutions for both residential and commercial moves. Our hauling service is meticulously designed to handle the increased demand during peak moving seasons, ensuring timely and secure transportation of goods.  

    Utilizing advanced equipment and a skilled team, Carey Moving & Storage excels in packing and hauling items of all sizes with utmost care. Our team’s strategic planning and attention to detail minimize downtime and disruption, making moves seamless and stress-free for clients. This dedication to high standards has solidified Carey Moving & Storage as a trusted leader in the moving industry, capable of meeting the unique challenges of peak hauling periods with unmatched professionalism and reliability. 

    Carey Moving & Storage: Expertise Unparalleled

    Carey Moving & Storage has established itself as a leader in the moving industry, particularly noted for our impressive capacity to handle a high volume of network moves during peak seasons. This capability is a result of our strategic resource management and extensive infrastructure. Employing over 175 dedicated team members, Carey Moving & Storage ensures that each move is meticulously planned and executed, allowing us to accommodate a larger number of clients compared to other moving companies. 

    Our comprehensive services, which include packing, hauling, moving, and storage, are designed to meet diverse client needs efficiently. By continuously improving and expanding our services over the years and continuing to do so in 2024, Carey Moving & Storage demonstrates a commitment to maintaining and enhancing our operational capacity. This forward-thinking approach enables us to stay ahead of industry demands, particularly during peak periods when the volume of moves significantly increases. 

    Carey’s investment in advanced technology and equipment allows for more efficient and reliable service delivery. Our ability to scale operations without compromising on quality or customer satisfaction sets us apart from competitors. The combination of skilled personnel, robust infrastructure, and a customer-centric approach ensures that Carey Moving & Storage can effectively handle more network moves than our competitors, even during the busiest times of the year. 

    Make Your Move Special with Carey!

    Carey Moving & Storage has exemplified excellence in the moving and storage industry. With a rich history spanning over a century, Carey has grown to become a trusted name in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and beyond.  

    Offering full-service solutions, Carey caters to the diverse needs of its clients, providing seamless relocations and secure storage options. With a commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction, Carey Moving & Storage continues to uphold its legacy as a leader in the industry.  

    Carey Moving & Storage stands out as a reliable partner for seamless relocations. With a legacy of excellence spanning over a century, our professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction are unmatched.  

    If you’re planning a move, experience the Carey difference and receive a stress-free, safe, and efficient moving experience from start to finish. Contact us today to get a free quote and start your moving journey with our exceptional team.