5 Tips to Declutter Your Home For the Holidays

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    5 Tips to Declutter Your Home For the Holidays

    With the holidays quickly approaching, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the excess stuff, food, and people. Maybe you have family coming into town and need to straighten up the house, or want to donate what you no longer need in order to make room for new things. Or maybe, you are looking into short-term storage options to have a little extra room for the festivities. Here are five tips to help you declutter your home this holiday season.

    1. Consolidate Kitchen & Pantry

    Extra celebrations can mean extra cooking! Go through your pantry and get rid of any expired ingredients.  An organized kitchen is a happy kitchen.

    1. Go through your Clothes

    The holidays are a great time to donate to those in need. Sort through your clothing and find a local charity to donate any unwanted items. Coats and blankets are often needed this time of year.

    1. Sort Toys

    If you have kids, the holidays will most certainly mean more toys, toys, toys! Make room for the new by getting rid of the old.

    1. Swap out Knick-Knacks for Holiday Décor

    Putting up seasonal decorations can often make a home feel more cluttered. Remedy this by temporarily taking down year-round decorations and packing them away in Christmas storage boxes.

    1. Do a Thorough Home-Cleaning

    Whether you are entertaining a large family, or just want a cozy, quiet holiday – a clean home will add to the feeling of comfort and serenity this holiday season. Carey Moving is here to help – let us know if you have any moving or storage needs!

    Happy holidays! From Carey Moving & Storage